Who are we?

Hello and welcome to this page where we get the chance to introduce ourselves to you!

We are real, genuinely friendly business people with practical personal experience of running businesses of our own. We’re not corporate financiers and we get a real kick from helping other business owners develop and grow their businesses. Our clients stay with us because they trust us and like what we do.

Put simply – we will help you if we can, and tell you honestly if we can’t help you, because sometimes, increasing your debt is not the best option and we will tell you.

Tim Savage

My name is Tim Savage and I’m the Managing Director. I’ve been in business as a Business Consultant, Business Coach, Finance Trainer and Business Growth Advisor for the last ten years.

Before that, I served in the Army for over twenty six years before retiring from HM Forces and going into industry. I’m the person who makes sure that you get the best possible service from us and who makes things happen behind the scenes.

Any problems – email me at tim@charles-edwardson.co.uk and I promise I’ll respond very quickly. That’s me and the missus Tracey below doing our favourite thing – walking along the coast near our home

another chilly day!

Jonny Kempsey

If you decide to work with us, you’ll probably get to know our Chief Broker Jonny Kempsey very well. He’s our expert in the field of financing for businesses and properties and he will be your main point of contact. Jonny is an award winning businessman, who now puts his knowledge to best use to help other businesses find the right finance deals for them.

He’s also one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet and he will certainly make sure that you don’t over stretch yourself financially. Jonny spends his spare time running around after his two children and running half marathons to try and keep fit. He’s also a bit of a five a side football star even though he may not look the part!

Chantal Shaw

Jonny couldn’t do his job without our amazing Chantal Shaw, known as Channy, by his side. She’s the one who will nag you to death to send us what we’ve asked for and which you’ve promised to send us! She’s also an amateur photographer. We send her out to take photos of any assets being financed and get any documents signed and passports checked if required. She makes sure that Jonny has everything he needs to allow him to get the best deal for you. She also manages our database and keeps us all on track.

Channy also does what we call lead qualification, which means she’s gonna ask you loads of questions before you talk to Jonny, so we can ensure Jonny has all the right information he needs to set things in motion. If she calls you or messages you – be prepared to do as she asks! She also manages to look after her young son and organise all the staff functions – ahem, I mean Board meetings!